How to Help

Local businesses and non-profit organizations are the heart of New Westminster. They’re owned and run by, create jobs for, and provide services to our friends and neighbours. They come in all shapes and sizes: brick and mortar, retail, restaurant, non-profit, home-based, mobile, education – just to name a few!

They sponsor our local teams, donate to programs that help our community, and they’re there for us, adapting to our needs. Many of them have had to close their brick and mortar shops or change they way they do business or provide services, but you can still safely support them during these unprecedented times. With a bit of creativity, we can ensure that businesses and non-profit organizations are well supported in our community. Here are some ideas!

  • Support their campaigns.
  • Buy gift cards to use later.
  • Shop online or on the phone.
  • Order takeout and delivery.
  • Shop for your essential pantry and grocery items.
  • Share positivity online.
  • Let them know how much they mean to you. 
  • Rebook rather than cancel.
  • Amplify their messages and and share about them.